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    CFA, CFF & TICA registered. Indigo Cats strives for excellence. Therefore, we breed for health, temperament, and beauty. Our gorgeous Siamese and Balinese cats come from proven, genetically sound lines. Our cats and kittens are raised in our home with lots of tender loving care, as members of our family. Balinese Kittens For Sale in Boyertown, PA US

    Date Born: 05/01/2019
    Date Available: 07/24/2019
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    Breeder Name: Lisa Catagnus-Hiryak
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    Breeder Name: Lisa Catagnus-Hiryak

An Unusually Beautiful Long-Haired Siamese
with the High Intelligence, Amusing Antics and Devoted Affection of a Dog

Balinese Kittens For Sale

The Balinese is essentially a Siamese cat with the addition of a medium-length silky coat, point coloration and a plumed tail. Despite the implications of its name, the breed is not from Bali or anywhere near Indonesia. Due to the presence of a recessive gene, this cat originated naturally from the Siamese cat and was further developed through breeding efforts to enhance certain desirable traits.

Originally registered as a "long-haired Siamese," these cats have been in existence since at the least the early 1920s, when the occasional long-haired kitten would appear in a Siamese litter. In the mid-1950s, two breeders, one in California and the other in New York, decided that they would begin a breeding program to intentionally produce these beautiful long-haired cats.

One of the breeders, Helen Smith, decided to use the word “Balinese” to name these cats, to represent the graceful, fluid movements of the exquisite dancers from the island of Bali. The breed became quite popular and breeders began to work on perfecting the Balinese appearance.

The Balinese has a long slender body, a wedge-shaped head, and the signature penetrating blue eyes of the Siamese. In comparison to other long-haired cats, the coat is relatively short, and doesn't form a ruff around the neck. Most international feline organizations accept a full range of colors in these cats, including the four traditional Siamese point colors: seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac, as well as the more exotic colors like red and cream. In the Cat Fanciers’ Association, however, only the four traditional Siamese colors are accepted. Further, some associations include a division within the Balinese lineage for the closely similar Javanese cat, which is another long-haired Siamese developed through designer breeding.

The Balinese is rated as the most intelligent of all long-haired breeds. Like the Siamese, the Balinese craves attention and is extremely playful and elegantly athletic. Also like the Siamese, the Balinese is very vocal, however, at a somewhat lower volume than the Siamese. While they rarely scratch when annoyed, their vocal range includes moaning, growling, and sometimes even hissing if appropriately provoked.

This cat’s temperament is often compared to that of a dog: Extremely personable, able to perform dog-like tricks and wonderfully attentive to owner disposition. This is a cat with superb intelligence who manifests its perceptive qualities in many intriguing ways. It also has the demeanor of a circus clown in many respects, providing endless hours of entertaining antics.

Proper Environment
Not fussy about size or style of home, the Balinese humbly appreciates an environment of affection more than a representation of interior decorating. However, it will find every nook and cranny interesting for curious exploration as most cats do. Also not fastidious about size of family or owner personality, this cat will easily adapt to any configuration, including a wild bunch of kids or a quiet conservative senior citizen. What matters most is the care it receives, the attention it requests and the respect it commands.

Health issues which affect the Siamese also affect the Balinese. These may include heart problems; respiratory deficiencies; digestive complications; visual disorders; and other problems common to the feline population. With the maintenance of a healthy diet and regular veterinary care, the average lifespan for the Balinese cat is 10 to 15 years.

Since the Balinese cat lacks the high-maintenance, thick downy undercoat, its long, silky coat is very easy to groom. Simply comb regularly to remove loose hair as needed. A conscientious regimen of oral hygiene is highly recommended to protect overall health. This includes brushing the teeth, a practice which should be initiated when the cat is young to acclimate the animal to the regularity of this procedure. Eyes and ears should be kept clean as well.

For owners who suffer from allergies exacerbated by the common allergens attributed to most domestic cats, the Balinese is often described as being hypoallergenic in comparison. In this context, the word "hypoallergenic" should be interpreted as less irritating to the average person with allergies, not necessarily without any causes for sensitivity at all. Therefore, anyone with an allergy should weigh adoption of any cat or dog defined as hypoallergenic until adequate exposure to the animal proves it to be more tolerable. Easy to care for, easy to train, the long, lean, stunningly beautiful Balinese offers families, particularly those with children, a pet to cherish for many years to come.


Do Balinese cats make good pets?

The Balinese cat makes a very good pet. They are one of the best breeds around children and other pets, being very tolerant and easy going. They do need a lot of attention, and unlike many cat breeds, they do not like to be alone for too long.

Do Balinese cats shed a lot?

Essentially no, the Balinese cat does not shed a lot, which may come as a surprise when you see their coat. They have a silky, single coat, which sheds minimally. Though not hypoallergenic (no cat is), they are one of the better breeds for people with allergies.

Are Balinese cats affectionate?

The Balinese cat is famously affectionate. In fact they are considered very intune to their owners emotions, and will want to cheer you up when you are sad. They are quite snuggly, and are very much a breed that likes to show their affection, and receive plenty of it back.