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Berger Blanc Suisse

Berger Blanc Suisse Puppies For SaleCourtesy of Berger Blanc Suisse US

Are you looking for a family dog that is gentle with the kids, intelligent, loyal and friendly? If so, the Berger Blanc Suisse is a dog breed you should consider. The BBS is recognized by the FCI as a separate breed from the White German Shepherd. The BBS is a dog breed from Switzerland that is gaining popularity in the United States as the ultimate family pet. The following information will explain why the Berger Blanc Suisse is the best breed EVER!

In the 1880’s German Shepherds were bred for their white coat in Germany. A dedicated white-coated breeding program was created during the beginning of the 20th century. Fast forward to the year 1999 when the UKC officially recognized the White Shepherd and the AKC recognized the German Shepherd breed. The Berger Blanc Suisse breed had to wait a few years later to be recognized. Finally, in 2001 The Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) accepted the BBS on a provisional basis. Years later the Berger Blanc Suisse breed was officially accepted in 2011. The BBS, White Shepherd, and white-coated German Shepherd all share origins. But, are now known as their own specific breed due to their slight differences and appearances.

BBS breeders within the United States personally import the breed from World Champion lineage. This assures the dogs remain true to their nature and exhibit unmatched loyalty, courage, devotion, and friendliness.

Generally, Berger Blanc Suisse females have an average height of between 22 and 24 inches while male BBS tend to be about two inches taller than the females. At maturity, females weigh between 55 to 77 pounds while males can weigh up to 88 pounds.

Suitable Owners
The BBS dog breed is well suited for owners who are:

• Active singles• Have a large yard• Families with children• Farmers who require a herding dog

Singles, couples, and families who welcome a BBS into their family will quickly learn that life becomes more exciting. The Berger Blanc Suisse is a beautiful white long-haired dog with soulful eyes that will melt your heart. They quickly become a kind companion to the senior citizens, a playmate for the children, the right-hand helper to a farmer and a loyal friend to someone who is single.

This medium sized dog flourishes in an active environment and lifestyle. This means your BBS will tag along on hikes, runs, walks and more. They are highly trainable and excel in activities such as frisbee, herding, tracking, showmanship, agility courses, fetch, tug of war, obedience training and more.

Anyone who sees a Berger Blanc Suisse puppy immediately falls in love with them. Their fluffy white coat and dark eyes capture the hearts of many dog owners. Since the BBS breed is highly intelligent, dog owners are encouraged to socialize and train their pup as early as possible.

If you are interested in welcoming a Berger Blanc Suisse puppy into your life or you would like to discover more about why the BBS is the best breed EVER please contact the breeders here for more details.

This breed description written by General's Mom @ Berger Blanc Suisse US.

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