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    Gorgeous AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Pups available on September 21st! These family raised pups have LOTS of LOVE to give! Contact us today! 1 male and 2 females available..$950 Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies For Sale in Conowingo, MD US

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    Imported bloodlines, AKC/PennHip parents, dew claws removed, wormed, first shots, one year health guarantee, air shippingVisit website at Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies For Sale in Atkinson, NE US

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    Breeder Name: Virginia Stoltzfus

Docile and Affectionate, The Bernese Mountain Dog Loves Children

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies For Sale

The Bernese Mountain Dog, or Berner Sennenhund, is a working dog that originates from the Alpines of Switzerland, in Bern. These very large dogs stand 23 to 28 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 65 and 120 pounds in adulthood. Perfect for farm life as draft animals, farm dogs, and watchdogs, they are lovely and affectionate when well-socialized and a sturdy pet who loves children. Very easy to train, these endearing dogs become your friend and companion for life. Although Bernese Mountain Dogs require early socialization and training, your faithful pal will be both calm and confident, the best of both worlds in terms of personality.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a tricolored variety of Swiss Mountain dog. It's one of four types of Swiss Mountain Dog which include the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog; the Entlebucher Sennenhund ; and the Appenzeller Sennenhund; in addition to the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Bred to be a draft animal or cart dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog is also a great watchdog and general farm dog. It is believed that its descendants originated hundreds of years ago from crosses between dogs that guarded sheep and other flocks in the Swiss Alps, and Mastiff-type dogs. Today, the Sennenhund breeds are largely used as companion dogs, and are popular with dog fanciers. One of the major purposes of the Bernese Mountain Dog in its original country was to pull carts of fresh cheese, milk and other produce for small farmers who could not afford draft horses to do the job.

The Bernese Mountain Dog stayed low-profile and in fact was almost forgotten until the late 19th century except in Bern, Switzerland. However, in 1892, a Zürich college professor and a Swiss innkeeper began to look for good remaining specimens of this now scarce breed, and began to resurrect it. In 1907, a specialty club was established in Switzerland, and shortly thereafter, the Bernese Mountain Dog became a show dog and companion as well as the working dog it always had been. In 1926, the breed was brought to the United States, and was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1937. In 1968, the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America was established, and became a member of the American Kennel Club's Working Group in 1995.

Appearance Sturdy and strong, the Bernese Mountain Dog is nonetheless compact, with a broad head, wide, deep chest, triangular ears that hang forward, and large, dark, expressive eyes. It carries its long, bushy tail low unless excited, and has a tricolored (black, white and rust), weather-resistant, thick, and wavy coat. Standing 23 to 28 inches at the shoulder in adulthood, and weighing between 65 and 120 pounds, the Bernese Mountain Dog is perfect for the physical labor it was originally bred for – although today, most Bernese Mountain Dogs are bred to be family pets and companions (but also make good guard dogs).

You'll find no better family pet than the Bernese Mountain Dog. Active and slow to mature, your pet will be exceedingly puppy-like for its first two years of life, and care should be taken to socialize your pet without ever resorting to any harsh punishments. Sensitive and eager to please, your pet will do as you ask willingly, as long as you give it proper guidance. If you get a Bernese Mountain Dog, make sure you have the time to spend with it. These are not dogs to be left alone to guard the backyard, but instead must be around loved ones at all times. Gentle and kind, these dogs are friendly with strangers, friends and family alike, although your pet will establish the strongest bond with you.

Large, calm, confident and gentle, the Bernese Mountain Dog is traditionally bred to have a very active life, so make sure you offer it a daily and vigorous walk and provide plenty of opportunity to stay active. One thing to note is that like most large dogs, care should be taken not to over-exercise your puppy for the first two years of life, while it is rapidly growing when bone malformations could occur if overly stressed. Apartment living is not recommended, nor is living in a particularly hot or humid climate, as your pet needs fresh, cool weather and plenty of shade when outside.

Unfortunately, the Bernese Mountain Dog is one of the shorter-lived dog breeds. It has a lifespan of just 6 to 8 years on average, although some dogs can live 10 or even 12 years. The most notable health problem that leads to preventable death is bloat. Also called gastric torsion, this is common to large, deep chested dogs and happens when the stomach twists and cuts off blood flow. A very serious condition, it can lead to almost instant death, within an hour of onset. If your pet is drooling, pacing, restless, has pale gums, is trying to throw up but fails to do so, and showing signs of pain, take it to a vet immediately for surgery. Once bloat happens, it can happen again even if it resolves without surgery, so surgery is the recommended preventative for recurrence even if recovery first happens through other methods. Bernese Mountain Dogs are also prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, and other orthopedic problems, as well as a type of cancer called malignant histiocytosis. Regular veterinary care is absolutely necessary for your pet to be as healthy as possible.

Notably, Bernese Mountain Dogs can have a tendency to become obese if they are not kept active and food is not well-controlled. Proper exercise and diet will help ensure that your beloved pet is healthy and has as long a life as possible.

Your pet has a thick, relatively long, double coat that is usually slightly wavy but can be straight. It is a heavy shedder, but brushing frequently will help keep this under control. Because your pet's coat is so thick, invest in a stainless steel fine- and coarsely-toothed comb, a pin brush of stainless steel, and a slicker brush. Although your pet does need to be bathed infrequently (four to five times a year), frequent brushing is usually all that's necessary. Trim nails as needed, usually every two weeks or so, brush your pet's teeth (which it will most obediently agree to) with doggie toothpaste for good dental health, and keep your pet’s ears dry to avoid infection.

Group Classification: Mastiff, Working Dog (America)


Country of Origin:

Date of Origin:

Hair Length: Long

Shedding: Heavy Shed

Body Size: Extra Large

Weight Male: 85-110 pounds

Height Male: 24-28 inches

Weight Female: 80-105 pounds

Height Female: 23-27 inches

Litter Size: Average of 8 puppies.

Life Expectancy: 6-8 years








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Hot Weather:

Cold Weather:

Tricolor (Black/Tan/White or Black/Rust/White).

Living Area
The Bernese Mountain Dog is an extremely loyal breed of dog, and will become upset if kept outdoors too often. You'll need to make some provision for keeping your dog indoors with your family as often as is possible.That said, however, the Bernese Mountain Dog needs some room to walk, run, and play outdoors, eliminating extremely dense urban areas as an ideal place to keep a Bernese Mountain Dog. Since the Bernese Mountain Dog isn't as prone to physical activity as some of its working dog cousins, however, you don't need to actually live out in the country in order to give your dog its ideal living environment--suburban areas or even less-dense urban areas will probably be fine to meet your dog's needs.