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The Britannah breed was created at Cats of the Ozarks Cattery in the Ozark mountains of Northwest Arkansas. I am a practicing mixed animal veterinarian with a Bachelors of Science degree in Animal Science. We were taught that breeding a purebred of one distinct breed to a purebred of another distinct breed would produce offspring with hybrid vigor and vitality. This is certainly what we've experienced with the development of the Britannah breed. They have the exquisite beauty, intelligence, and curiosity of the regal Savannah paired with the sweet, docile nature and the typical flattish face of the stoic British Shorthairs to make the better housecat of the 2 breeds. Our Britannah households report back that their cats seem to act more like dogs than the cats they've owned in the past. They are confident, robust, strikingly beautiful cats that are naturals at playing fetch with balls and hair ties, and they love dogs and children. They, like dogs, are easily leash trained to walk in parks with halters and leashes. The Britannah households have yet to report any negative feedback and are thrilled with minimal to no shedding from their kitties. I believe my sister and I have developed a nearly perfect housecat. Beverly K. Chevallier, DVM, CVA