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    Breeder Name: Karen

The Bull Terrier is a Child in a Dog's Suit!

Bull Terrier Puppies For Sale

Bull Terriers are thick-set, muscular, well-proportioned animals with a short, dense coat that comes in black brindle, red, fawn, tri-color and pure white. The breed's most distinctive feature is the head, which is almost flat on the top sloping evenly down to the nose with no stop. These dogs are courageous, scrappy, fun-loving, active, clownish and fearless. They thrive on affection and make a fine family pet but do not tolerate teasing, so children should be taught to respect them. These loyal and polite dogs need lots of exercise and can be somewhat difficult to train. The standard size weighs 45 to 60 lbs. and stands 21-22" at the shoulders. Contact the dog breeders below for your next family friend.

In 1830, when the battle between the bulls and Bulldogs was at its peak, the enthusiasts of this sport made a decision to come up with an agile dog capable of attacking the enemy. This led to crossing the Old English Terrier with the Bulldog and mixing in some Spanish Pointer Blood – and the Bull Terrier was developed. During the year 1860, James Hinks, who was a dog breeder, created a refined version of the crosses that was distinguished by its white coat. These dogs came to be known as an independent breed called the Bull Terrier. At the time, they were referred to as white Cavaliers . In the early 20th century, the Bull Terrier was cross-bred with Staffordshires to create the colored variety of the Bull Terrier. Over the years the breed has been use as a herder, guard, watchdog, and ratter.

The Bull Terrier is masculine and thick set. The dog has a coarse and short coat that comes in a variety of colors. The dog’s most distinctive feature is the head that is egg-shaped. From the front the head is flat towards the top and the Roman muzzle slopes evenly to the end without a stop. The dog has triangular-shaped eyes which are closely set, dark, and small. The body of the Bull Terrier is round and the dog has full muscular and robust shoulders. The tail is usually carried horizontally while its walk is characterized by a gait that is rather jaunty, hence the name, “gladiator of the canine race.”

In the past, the Bull terrier was a fierce gladiator, but today the breed is gentler. The dog tends to be defensive and have a preventive effect when there is a very critical situation, so it does not serve well as an ordinary guard dog. The Bull Terrier is fun-loving, active, fearless, clownish, and courageous all at the same time. This breed is also obedient, polite, and loyal. The Terriers get very attached to their owners, but require firm and consistent leadership. They are a perfect family dog because of their docile nature, but since they are very active, they need to be kept busy. The Bull Terrier also needs constant supervision and companionship and requires being trained and socialized at a tender age if it is to be kept as a pet. The Bull Terrier is friendly to children and grownups alike. Children should be taught how to take the leadership role when handling the dog as it tends to be very energetic.

These dogs may be willful, protective, and jealous if they are under the care of a meek owner. They usually try joining family quarrels and if not given proper training, they may get destructive. Males and females may live together peacefully, but the opposite sexes still may not get along. One should not put this breed of dog with non-canine pets.

"The character of the Bull Terrier is probably the outstanding feature which draws prospective owners to the breed.
A typical Bull Terrier is active, interested, playful and clownish."

Leave it to one of Pets4You.com’s breeders to say it best. This breed's iconic looks can't be imitated or duplicated and those who love them tend to be hooked for life. These are active dogs that require companionship and stimulation. They are not a good choice if everyone in your family is away at work and/or school all day. The best description might be what another Pets4You.com breeder calls them: "A child in a dog suit."

Group Classification: Mastiff, AKC Terrier


Country of Origin: 0

Date of Origin: 0

Hair Length: Short

Shedding: Moderate Shed

Body Size: Medium, Large

Weight Male: 45-80 pounds

Height Male: 20-24 inches

Weight Female: 45-80 pounds

Height Female: 20-24 inches

Litter Size: 1-9 puppies

Life Expectancy: 10-14 years








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Hot Weather:

Cold Weather:

white or any color with white markings. Brindle, fawn, brown and tan are common colors with or without white markings.

Living Area
The Bull terrier can live in small spaces such as an apartment with enough exercise. They prefer at least a small, fenced yard and require regular walks. With a short-haired coat, this dog favors being indoors rather than outside and cannot tolerate extreme cold.