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    If you want a GORGEOUS puppy, that's easy to live with, easy to housetrain, (our puppies typically are crate trained & sleeping through the night when they arrive in their new homes!), affectionate, funny, and simply the most delightful of companions,,, Then look no further!!! Foxglove Farm IS the Home Of The Perfect Puppy!!! Cavachon Puppies For Sale in Lucas, OH US

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    Breeder Name: Terry Ellen Cross

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    Cavachon , Yorkchon & Shichon Puppies! We are family owned, and enjoy connecting people with furry little friends. We love to spend time with our pups as we prepare them for their new family. Shots: up to date and vet checked with a health guarantee. micro-chipped. Call or email Monday through Saturday to inquire with the breeder. Delivery and Air shipping available with additional fee. Cavachon Puppies For Sale in Orrville, OH US. Also has Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

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    Breeder Name: Alana Snook

This Small, Adorable Hybrid Is the Perfect Lap Dog:
A Cuddly Ball of Fur with a Heart of Gold

Both the Bichon Frise and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel have positive characteristics, so it's not surprising that someone decided to blend these two dogs together, to come up with the new and unique Cavachon! Cavachon puppies have characteristics of both dogs together. It's a small dog, standing about 12 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing between 10 to 20 pounds. Nonetheless, because these dogs are hybrids, first bred about 1996, their health is quite good and they don't have many of the problems purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels or Bichon Frise dogs typically have, respectively.

There is no set history as to when the Cavachon came into existence. Estimates are that at some point around 1996, the Bichon Frise and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel were first bred to produce the current Cavachon dog.

Fortunately, the Cavachon retains the temperaments of both its Bichon Frise and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parents, respectively. The Bichon Frise is said to be "cheerful" and "merry," and is playful, affectionate, very gentle, and docile with children. Similarly, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is affectionate, eager to please and playful. Because hybrids tend to absorb personality characteristics from either of its parent breeds, it's useful to choose a pet where one or both parent breeds have the temperament characteristics you want. Fortunately, the Cavachon reflects the best personality characteristics of both the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise. It is gentle, affectionate, very playful and intelligent, with lots of energy. Very receptive to children, this little pet, unlike some small breed dogs, should not exhibit snappish behavior around children as long as you make sure your dog knows you're in charge.

It's useful to keep in mind that even though the Cavachon is naturally affectionate, gentle, and playful, it can fall prey to the so-called "Small Dog Syndrome," which happens when little dogs who are overindulged by their well-meaning but misguided human owners who encourage them to become “spoiled rotten brats.” Even your angelic Cavachon can exhibit Small Dog Syndrome if you don't treat it properly: as a dog! Therefore, make sure that you are always firm as well as affectionate.

That said, though, the Cavachon makes a perfect lapdog, wanting nothing more than to cuddle up with you after a vigorous session of both physical exercise and mental activity, and drift off to sleep.

House Training
Cavachon puppies are easy to train and are eager to please. However, there have been some reports that they can be difficult to house-train. When you train your puppy, begin immediately when you bring it home; you may want to "crate" your puppy at night and during nap times, simply because Cavachon puppies will not soil where they sleep. Your puppy should be taken out and encouraged to eliminate immediately in the morning after getting up, immediately after meals, or anytime it exhibits signs that it needs to go out (whining, perhaps suddenly wanting a lot of attention from you, etc.)

When you train your puppy, make sure you use a reward system. Every time your puppy "does its business" outside properly, reward lavishly with plenty of vocal praise, petting, and a treat. When accidents happen, scold firmly in a loud, displeased voice, but do not physically punish your puppy or rub its nose in the excrement, etc.

These adorable dogs have large, dark eyes that are sweet and sincere. They have long, wavy or curly coats that shed minimally, and they can be black, sable, tan, or off-white. They have long, floppy ears that only enhance their precious appearance.

Although they have long, curly, or wavy fur that does not shed much, they need regular grooming sessions. Professional grooming every month to six weeks is recommended.

Best Environment
Cavachon dogs will thrive well in just about any environment, although they must be around people. Your pet will also equally tolerate a small apartment with just one owner as companion, or in a large family environment and in a large house. They commingle well with other animals in addition to being solitary pets, as they get along well with others. The only absolute must with your new pet is that it must have company. These friendly little dogs are very social and need lots of interaction, especially with people.

As with any dog, your pet needs daily walks and exercise, although it benefit from lots of indoor physical activity because of its small size rather than a lot of outdoor activity. It's a very high-energy, clever, eager-to-please pet, meaning that regular play sessions, games of fetch, etc., provide not just exercise, but the interaction and intellectual stimulation your dog needs.

Your pet will want to play with you nonstop, and this high-energy, very sweet puppy can certainly keep you going! However, in spite of your dog's high energy, it is also quite good at adapting, meaning that if you are someone who is of limited physical ability, the dog will accept indoor play as its only source of stimulation.

Fortunately, your little pet is generally a very healthy, sturdy dog. Because this breed is a hybrid, its health will be very good, in general, and most Cavachon puppies will not exhibit the health problems of either parent breed. As with any dog, however, it is useful to get your puppy from a reputable breeder that will make sure its Cavachon puppies are healthy with few problems. These little dogs live generally very long lives, with a lifespan of upwards of 12 years or even longer. It's important to make sure your pet goes to the vet regularly for preventive care and checkups, but other than that you should have few problems. You should have ears regularly checked for infection and other problems. Teeth, too, should be cleaned by your vet as necessary.

Because the Cavachon is a small dog with relatively light activity, it tends to be a frugal eater. To make sure your pet gets enough nutrition, feed it two small meals of high quality dog food every day.

Special Hypoallergenic Considerations
The Cavachon is arguably a "perfect dog" for just about anyone – not just because of its gentle nature, small size, and loving personality, but because its largely hypoallergenic fur means that even pet owners who are allergic to dogs may be able to keep this little bundle for a pet.

Are There Any Environments Or Situations Not Suitable For The Cavachon?
These little dogs are sturdy, hardy, charming and adaptable to many environments, whether small apartments or large houses, and they like both people and animals, making them ideal for any situation. They are one of the few breeds that embrace both large households with rambunctious children and other animals, as well as quiet, small apartments with a single master or mistress.

However, although they can certainly amuse themselves without getting into much trouble for short periods of time, they really need and crave a lot of attention. Because of that, if you're going to be gone a lot, you should not get a Cavachon as a pet. If you are going to be around a lot and can give your pet plenty of attention, though, the Cavachon is absolutely the perfect choice.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Group Classification:

Recognized By:

Country of Origin: US

Date of Origin: 1996

Hair Length: Short, Medium


Body Size: Small, Medium

Weight Male: 10-20 pounds

Height Male: 12-16 inches

Weight Female: 10-20 pounds

Height Female: 12-16 inches

Litter Size:

Life Expectancy: 8-12 years








Other Dogs:



Hot Weather:

Cold Weather:

Black and white, red and white, sable and white; may also be solid or tri-color

Living Area
The Cavachon can live just about anywhere - as long as he's with you.