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A Stunning Breed That You’ll Be Proud To Walk

The Chinese Foo Dog is a gorgeous breed that is active, well-mannered, devoted, lovable, and great with children. While not aggressive, it will be a good watch dog for your family. Its ancestry and history as a hunting/herding breed will give hunters reason to celebrate. Available in three sizes including miniature, toy, and standard, the Chinese Foo Dog offers pet-seekers excellent versatility.

The Chinese Foo Dog, also sometimes referred to as the Sacred Dog of Sinkiang, Chinese Dragon Dog, and Chinese Celestial Dog, is believed to have originated in the 18th century as a result of crossing the ancient Chow Chow with various Northern European hunting dogs. Named after Minhow, a settlement in China's southeastern region formerly known as Foochow, the Chinese Foo Dog has throughout history gained fame for its capability in hunting and herding, in addition to serving as a guard dog.

In China, the Tong is an association or clan believed to be the world's oldest "secret cult." The Chinese Foo Dog is this association's mascot, thought by many to attract good luck. Many other associations and clubs also include this rare breed among dogs they register and exhibit: ARBA (American Rare Breed Association); IABCA (International All-Breed Canine Association); the World Wide Kennel Club; North American Kennel Federation; and International Kennel Society. In addition, the International Chinese Foo Dog Association and Chinese Foo Dog Club of America promote and protect this rare dog breed.

Because the Chinese Food Dog is bred in three different sizes – toy, miniature, and standard – its height and weight will vary as an adult. The toy breed generally grows to under 10 inches in height, and weighs up to 9 pounds when fully grown. The miniature variety will grow to a height of 10 to 15 inches, and weigh between 21 and 50 pounds. A standard Chinese Foo Dog will grow to a height of over 15 inches, and weighs more than 51 pounds as an adult.

Sturdy, compact, and squarely-built, this dog breed is double-coated. The undercoat is soft, woolly, and dense while the outer coat is generally straight, coarse, and resistant to weather. The Chinese Foo Dog may be black or blue in color, or a mix of blue/brown, cream/sable, black/tan, fawn, sable, red, or wolf grey. Some have white markings, which are accepted within show standards. The Chinese Foo Dog has a powerful body with a deep, moderately-broad chest and high-set tail that curls over the back. This is a breed which is truly beautiful in appearance.

Full of energy, even-tempered and affectionate, the Chinese Foo Dog makes an excellent pet for families with children. That said, the breed is not easily intimidated and will guard your property and members of your family. Friendly, alert, and devoted, this breed is not destructive by nature, and is a quick learner when it comes to training. A quiet dog with a dignified manner, the Chinese Foo Dog was known for snuggling with the children as they slept in ancient times. Your family will also enjoy watching your pet at play, as it can be quite entertaining at times.

Living Environment
Because of the breed's high energy level and love of activity, a rural setting or home with a fenced-in backyard is ideal so that your puppy will get plenty of exercise. However, the Chinese Food Dog can also easily adapt to a small home or condominium with no yard or even an apartment provided your pet is sufficiently stimulated with regular exercise on a daily basis. When given sufficient physical workouts, your pet will be calm and relaxed indoors.

Because of the breed's unique coat, your pet will need to be brushed on a frequent basis to remove loose hair and debris. Some recommend using a comb instead of a brush. Bathing is only necessary when your pet is particularly dirty, as bathing too often can remove the skin oils causing your dog to develop dry, itching skin.

As with other breeds, it is important to pay attention to your pet’s ears, teeth, nails, feet, and eyes. Inspecting your dog on a regular basis will help ensure that any potential health issues are identified quickly.

On average, the Chinese Foo Dog will live about 10 to 12 years. Overall, this is a healthy breed with few medical risks. Like many other breeds, the Chinese Foo may be prone to arthritis, hip dysplasia, eye problems, and bloat. To protect your pet's health, visit a veterinarian on a regular basis.

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Group Classification: Northern/Companion, Working, Guarding, Hunting

Recognized By:

Country of Origin: China

Date of Origin: Ancient

Hair Length: Long, Short

Shedding: Moderate Shed

Body Size: Toy, Small, Medium

Weight Male: Small 20 pounds Medium 21-50 pounds Large 51 pounds

Height Male: Toy 10 inches Miniature 10-15 inches Standard over 15 inches

Weight Female: Small 20 pounds Medium 21-50 pounds Large 51 pounds

Height Female: Toy 10 inches Miniature 10-15 inches Standard over 15 inches

Litter Size: 3-6 puppies.

Life Expectancy: 10-12 years.








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Hot Weather:

Cold Weather:

Any shade or combination of black, black and tan, blue, brown and blue, cream and sable, fawn (yellow-cream to brown), orange, red (light gold to deep mahogany), sable, wolfgray (medium gray to silver); (with or without minor, limited white markings).

Living Area
The smaller Chinese Foo Dog (Toy and Miniature) will do fine in an apartment, motor home and trailer type homes. The larger types can weigh as much as 50 pounds and need to be kept outdoors since they have the tendency to become couch potatoes if they are not motivated.