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    Cockapoo Puppies for Sale

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    Breeder Name: Kelly Burdette
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    Puppies For Sale!
    Puppies Available Now! These precious hypoallergenic puppies are raised in our clean, loving home. Parents on site. Great family Pets. Shipping Available. $750 and up. Email Only. Cockapoo Puppies For Sale in New Haven, CT US

    Great to have you here!
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    Breeder Name: Mary

A Very Popular Dog Available in Standard, Toy and Mini Sizes

Cockapoo Puppies For Sale

The Cockapoo dog breed, a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle, was first bred in the United States in the 1950s. This breed, while popular, is not recognized officially as a breed by mainstream dog breeding associations such as the American Kennel Club (AKC). The Cockapoo set the standard for planned hybrids. This is one of the first breeds that was carefully thought out and meticulously created, using the most advanced information on genetics at the time and the best techniques to create a hybrid that showcased the best of two breeds. The popularity of Cockapoos has soared in recent times, and with the growth of the Internet, many websites and online groups have formed to share information and establish guidelines.

What it Takes to be a Cockapoo
A Cockapoo, by definition, is a cross-breed dog, either 75% Poodle or 75% Cocker Spaniel. It comes in three sizes; Toy, Mini, and Standard. Toy is considered to be 10" or less at shoulder height, mini is 11" to 14" at shoulder height, and Standard is 15" or more at shoulder height. Typical colors are white, buff, cream, black, apricot, red, and chocolate, or any combination of these colors with white. Markings can vary quite a bit, but the breed association has standardized the most common forms. These marking forms are:

1. Parti: Two or more standard colors, one of which must be white.
2. Phantom: Usually a black body with brown color on legs or underbody.
3. Sable: Black or dark brown at birth, lightening to a mix of gold, silver, brown, or tan. Usually the darker points on the ears or face.
4. Tri-color: Mix of three colors with separate colors on chest, legs, and ears.
5. Merle: Lighter colors at the base swirled with a darker color.
6. Roan: Single white hairs and white patches mingled with the base color.

According to the North American Cockapoo Registry (NACR), a true Cockapoo "is ONLY a purposeful, planned crossing of a purebred cocker spaniel with a purebred poodle". The NACR is the "official" organization for determining Cockapoo breed characteristics. This organization is founded with the belief that the Cockapoo will one day attain official status as a dog breed. This organization is highly technical in its definition and actually encourages genetic testing to get a more detailed blueprint for the breed. According to the NACR, a first generation of F1 Cockapoo (direct cross between Poodle and Cocker Spaniel) is the only basis for subsequent generations of Cockapoos. Cockapoos born of other Cockapoos are designated second-generation or F2. According to the NACR then, a true Cockapoo is the offspring of an F2 Cockapoo pair.

Cockapoo Temperament and Personality
The Cockapoo's personality is very outgoing, and unlike many smaller breeds, highly sociable with other dogs. Cockapoos are also great with children, although it is best that they have a single owner. They have a high activity level, but because of their size, they adapt well to apartments or small living spaces. They have a fairly long lifespan – 14 to 18 years, and in some cases they may reach their 20s.

Cockapoos need a lot of attention, as they are bred as companions. Unlike many of the larger dogs, which are bred for specific work tasks, the Cockapoo is bred for sociability and companionship. Because of this, the Cockapoo needs personal devotion and anyone that is considering getting a Cockapoo must make sure they can spend time with the dog. Cockapoos don't really have any more negative personality attributes than other dog breeds. Common issues such as urination in the home or aggressive behavior can be dealt with using commonly-accepted training practices that are effective for all breeds. Because of their need for companionship, lack of attention is often the root cause of all Cockapoo behavioral problems. They are very gregarious around other dogs and typically do not exhibit jealousy if there is another dog or pet in the house.

Cockapoo Societies
There are quite a few Cockapoo societies and clubs in the United States as well as Europe. While the breed is not officially recognized, these societies firmly believe that the breed will achieve official status at some point in the future. The largest societies are The American Cockapoo Club, the North American Cockapoo Registry, and the Cockapoo Club of America. These societies have established universally-accepted guidelines that specifically define the breed and are avid proponents for the breed's official recognition.

The North American Cockapoo Registry is the self-proclaimed official Cockapoo authority. Very precise about its guidelines for the proper Cockapoo breed, it can be quite confrontational with other organizations and societies if an issue is in dispute. This causes some disagreement within the ranks of Cockapoo aficionados, but it will likely all resolve upon the official establishment of the breed.

Generally, the Cockapoo breed has been gaining acceptance as it is refined and more people are interested in keeping the lineage pure. There is no doubt that eventually this will become a universally-accepted breed. The characteristics of this dog are excellent, the lifespan is long, and as a pet it is also well suited for an urban lifestyle. It is expected that the Cockapoo will be around for quite some time.

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Group Classification: Mixed Breeds

Recognized By: ACHC, DDKC, NACR, CCA, ACC, DRA

Country of Origin: US

Date of Origin: 1950's

Hair Length: Short, Medium


Body Size: Small

Weight Male: 20-25 pounds

Height Male: 14-17 inches

Weight Female: 20-25 pounds

Height Female: 14-17 inches

Litter Size: 4-6 puppies

Life Expectancy: 13-15 years








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Hot Weather:

Cold Weather:

Black, Tan, beige, or buff, Red, including auburn and apricot colors, Brown, varying from light to dark and tan, Sable, a brown color with tipping and shading in black, Crea, White, Silver, Mixtures of more than one color

Living Area
When left alone for extended periods of time, Cockapoos are generally not destructive. However, these dogs can become anxious so crating is recommend if leaving a Cockapoo alone for more than four hours at a time.