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How do dog breeders get into their trade, and what exactly do they do? How can you choose a dog breeder you can trust? These are questions that many people who love pets ask. When someone purchases a puppy from a breeder of a specific dog breed, they expect it to be purebred and healthy. Certain dog breeds are extremely expensive, and buyers want to know that the breeder is reputable, and a dedicated animal lover. Here are a few things about dog breeders & dog kennels you may find interesting, and that hopefully answer some of your questions.

Dog Breeders Are Usually Big-Hearted And Have A Love Of Dogs, Particularly A Certain Breed

While there is much more to choosing to become a dog breeder than having a great love of dogs, it certainly helps to have a passion in general for puppies, or even a particular breed. If you were to engage in a discussion with a breeder, you would probably find that making the decision to become a breeder took plenty of thought and consideration. It’s not a decision to be made lightly! There are millions upon millions of people in the world who love puppies and dogs passionately, but it certainly doesn’t mean every dog lover would make a good breeder.

How Do Dog Breeders Obtain Their Knowledge And Ability To Do What They Do?

Naturally, the first step individuals aspiring to become breeders take is to choose a breed in which they have great interest. Some people own a certain purebred dog, and develop an interest in breeding that breed.

Once a breed is selected, it’s essential that the individual learns everything possible about the breed. This can be done through research, reading, talking to other breeders and experts, even becoming involved in dog clubs. Every breed that is recognized by the AKC has a national club, along with many local clubs across various cities. An individual who is interested in becoming a breeder can attend these dog clubs to watch, listen, and learn. Many clubs sponsor events and educational programs which help those interested in breeding increase their knowledge.

It’s also important to study the breed standard, an official guide used by judges who preside over dog shows. Attending dog shows, performance events, any event or educational program which focuses on the specific breed of interest is helpful. Most of all, those interested in becoming breeders should read anything and everything relevant to their breeds, from books and magazines to articles and white papers online.

What To Look For In A Dog Breeder When You Are Considering A Puppy

Just because someone claims to be a dog breeder does not make them a breeder! Someone can have a female purebred, and own the dog when she gives birth to puppies; this does NOT make that person a breeder, although some will claim to be. There are a few questions you should ask before you purchase a puppy from a breeder, so that you know you are buying a healthy, purebred dog from someone who is an expert and knowledgeable about their breed. Compassionate breeders are always looking to improve their breed’s

These Are Just A Few Of The Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing A Puppy From A Breeder:

• How long has the breeder been involved with the specific breed?
• Are the dogs the breeder offers really purebred, belonging to a real breed which is recognized by a legitimate registry?
• Does the breeder know enough about the history of this breed to be able to provide you with details regarding health issues to which the breed is prone?
• What is the breeder’s goal in breeding that particular type of dog?
• Does the breeder understand the strengths and weaknesses of the breed, and are this breeder’s dogs screened for genetic health defects?
• Is the breeder breeding only one breed, or several?
• Can you easily obtain breeder references such as veterinarians or past clients who have purchased a dog?
• Can the breeder produce registration papers for all of the dogs offered? This is a hard one for those who actually run “puppy mills,” where there are more than 25 dogs, sometimes far more. You don’t want to buy a puppy from a breeder who has dozens of unregistered dogs running around!

Dog Breeders & Dog Kennels

Today, several states require a kennel license for individuals who desire to breed dogs. As the potential owner of a new puppy, you want to be certain that your breeder’s kennel is clean and free of disease.

A kennel is basically a shelter for animals; however, there are certain conditions that can help you determine the standards of the breeder’s operation. The time to ask the questions mentioned above is when you visit the breeder’s kennel. While you are there, ask if the breeder cares to give you a tour so that you can see the conditions for yourself. If you are denied a tour, it is a bad sign and you should probably pass on that breeder.

There is a reason most breeders decline showing the kennel to a prospective buyer; either you will see something that doesn’t fall in line with something the breeder has told you, or the conditions are not up to par. The only way you can learn more about the breed you intend to buy and how well it is being cared for is to actually visit where it lives!

A bad dog breeder’s kennels are often over-crowded, unsanitary and generally not in good condition. Caring, compassionate breeders do not usually have kennels in this condition. It is important that you see with your own eyes the actual size of the breeder’s operation, and the conditions in which the dogs and puppies live.

Carefully check out a potential breeder and the kennel before trusting the integrity of the operation. There are plenty of breeders who claim to be professionals, and without asking the right questions and taking a first-hand look at their setup, it’s hard to know if you are dealing with someone with a true passion for healthy, purebred puppies and dogs (and improving their breed), or someone who is simply in the “puppy farming” business to make money.

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