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    Breeder Name: Melissa Wren

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    Sugar Doodle / Teddy Bear GoldenDoodle puppies, White as snow sweet as sugar. Imported English Cream / European / British Golden Retriever and White Standard Poodle. $1,500. Extra calm & hypoallergenic. English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale in Traverse City, MI US

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English Creme Golden Retriever: "Twin" to the American Golden Retriever, but Very British

English Cream Retriever puppies (also known as English Crème Golden Retriever puppies ) are simply adorable! While some might say that English Crème Golden Retriever puppies differ from American Golden Retriever puppies, both are really the same breed, with slightly different physical characteristics. The British standard of the "British Type" Golden Retrievers produces shorter, wider dogs, with a more stocky build and broader foreheads. The chest is slightly deeper, and these dogs have shorter legs, as well. They generally stand between 22 and 24 inches at the shoulder. Although they are slightly heavier than the American Golden Retrievers, there is no weight specification in the British standard. Eyes are round and dark as compared to American Golden Retrievers' slanted or triangular eyes.

Notably, the English Crème Golden Retriever's creamy color was not originally accepted by the British standard until 1936. Today, however, these beautiful dogs are highly sought after both in the US and other parts of the world. It should be noted that the British standard is used everywhere in the world except for the United States and Canada.

Beyond the physical characteristics, though, English Crème Golden Retriever puppies and American Golden Retriever puppies are basically identical in personality, temperament, intelligence, skill, and most of all, lovability. Take a look at what makes this beloved family pet so special as a "very British" English Crème Golden Retriever.

All Golden Retrievers' ancestors come from Scotland. In the mid-1700s, wildfowl hunting was very popular among the rich there, and the Golden Retriever was cultivated because it could retrieve from both water and land. This was necessary, because Scotland is densely covered with rivers and ponds. In the mid-19th century, a Lord Tweedmouth bought a yellow Retriever, a stud named Nous, and bred him with a Tweed Water Spaniel, Belle, to produce yellow crossbred puppies. Further crossbreedings with the Bloodhound and the Irish Setter as well as greater inclusion of the Tweed Water Spaniel produced the modern Golden Retriever. Although today, the Tweed Water Spaniel is extinct, its characteristics live on in the modern Golden Retriever – ultimately a gentle, trainable, courageous, and powerful dog that could do everything its master asked of it, whether in water or on land.

Original Golden Retrievers were accepted for registration by England's Kennel Club in 1903 with the description, "Flat Coats-Golden." With the first exhibition in 1908, the breed was officially recognized as, "Retriever (Golden and Yellow)." It was then recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club in 1927, while the American Kennel Club had registered its first Golden Retriever in 1925.

The English Crème Golden Retriever has, of course, a cream-colored coat and is judged by the British standard. Red and mahogany are not accepted as coat colors. Interestingly, cream was not accepted as a color in the UK standard until 1936. Some felt that the original "yellow" Retrievers of the 19th century were lighter than today's true "Golden" Retrievers, implying that the cream-colored standard should always have been included. Both American and British standards exclude all white Retrievers from show.

English Crème Golden Retriever puppies will usually grow to have some variation of a cream-colored coat. As compared to American Golden Retrievers, this Retriever is a slightly heavier dog and has a broader skull. The muzzle is deeper and wider, but slightly shorter. The coat can also be slightly wavier than most American Golden Retrievers. While we consider American Golden Retrievers to be "lanky," the English Crème Golden Retriever has a stocky, sturdy, and hardy appearance by comparison. The nose is usually black, the eyes dark and round. The English Crème Golden Retriever stands between 22 and 24 inches at the shoulder. No weight has been specified by the British standard, although the American Golden Retriever standard sets the weight at between 55 to 80 pounds; the English Crème Golden Retriever will be quite similar.

"Golden" Versus "Crème"
The English Crème Golden Retriever is one of the acceptable shades in the standard for the Golden Retriever; in general, any gold or cream-hued coat is acceptable with the British standard.

There is perhaps no more affable and easy-going a dog as the Golden Retriever in general, and the English Crème Golden Retriever is no exception. Gentle, friendly, confident, and exceedingly kind, the English Crème Golden Retriever is absolutely infatuated with strangers and family alike. Although they love their families and are loyal without question, English Crème Golden Retrievers, as with most Golden Retrievers, are always ready for fun and socialization, and want to make friends with just about anyone they meet – so endearing, that they make a very poor choice as a guard dog.

Your new pet is very gentle and trusting, and utterly eager to please. This means you should truly treat him or her with kid gloves. This dog is extremely bright and will have absolutely no problem in obeying you; in fact, he or she wants to obey. Kind guidance is all that's necessary; harsh words and disciplinary methods are never acceptable, and even the normally firm hand you have to take with most dogs is really not necessary here. Your sweet-tempered, patient canine family member could easily have his or her feelings hurt unnecessarily if you behave too harshly. Gentle and firm guidance is all that should be necessary for this totally well-behaved dog.

English Crème Golden Retriever puppies from the start are very good with children (an excellent child-friendly pet!), and you should have no problem socializing your new pet around even very small children. These calm, tolerant dogs seem to instinctively understand that small children can't always "help" their rambunctious behavior and will patiently put up with a little bit of rowdy play, although you should certainly step in to protect your pet from undue harm (even if it's unintentional) if your small children get too rough.

Because English Crème Golden Retrievers were specifically bred for hunting duties, they are extremely patient. They can sit quietly for hours, and love to work, especially to focus on a task they've been given. Be careful, though, because your very devoted pet will never complain even if he or she is overworked; that means that you have to pay attention to his or her physical needs and make sure to take special care of him or her.

Suitable Environment
Your relaxed, serene and very easy-going English Crème Golden Retriever will thrive in any environment, including an apartment. However, this breed is a very athletic and active, and should get plenty of exercise – including swimming and running. Golden Retrievers love the water, so your pet will be especially happy if you can present at least occasional opportunities for water activities.

The English Crème Golden Retriever has a lifespan of about 10 to 12 years. Unfortunately, this gentle breed is prone to specific genetic problems such as hip dysplasia, cardiac disorders, von Willebrand disease, which is a blood disorder, and eye defects. Cancer is also common with this species. Working with a reputable breeder who has strived to avoid these characteristics as much as possible will minimize chances that your pet will have specific disorders.

The English Crème Golden Retriever has a coat that is easy to take care of. Your pet will have a smooth or wavy double coat that needs to be brushed and combed on a regular basis, particularly the undercoat. Golden retrievers shed heavily twice year, so you'll need to pay extra attention during these times. Only dry shampoo should be necessary most of the time for hygiene purposes, with an actual bath necessary roughly every two months.

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