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At Pets4You, we understand that many individuals and families enjoy pets that aren't so common! Our directory of exotic pets and animal breeds offers a wide array of unique and extraordinary pets! This includes Pot Belly Pigs (Native to Vietnam, considerably small in stature compared to standard American or European farm pigs); Llamas (A South American Native, used as a pack animal & even for meat!); Monkeys (A Primate with over 260 known living species!); Miniature Horses, Chinchillas, Reptiles, Guinea Pigs and more! Many people enjoy having a dog or cat as a pet, but others are "wild" about exotic pets, those you don't see often and that are truly unique.

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Imagine a white Bactrian or Dromedary Camel! Or, how about a "Kinkajou Joey," one of the most adorable little creatures you've ever seen? Pet kinkajous are commonly referred to as "lion monkeys" or "bear-monkeys." Whether you're someone looking for that one-of-a-kind special exotic pet that is distinctive and needs your special love and attention, or a breeder looking to promote your exotic breeds, our directory is the ideal online exotic pet store that serves both purposes. Find those animals and pets you don't see very often, or advertise your exotics, products, services, stud service, training program or supplies.

Those searching for exotic pets will find reputable and trusted exotic breeders listed in our directory offering registered exotic animals and pets for your consideration. Pets4You strives to offer those who love animals with a passion the best options for adopting an exotic pet! We know that before making a decision as important as purchasing an exotic pet or unusual animal breed, you need the most thorough information available. Our exotic pet breeders offer all of the details you require to make an informed decision.

Considering a bird or miniature horse? Our miniature horse, pony and donkey breeders are exceptional. Some even offer training and private riding lessons! If a cute, furry rabbit is more your style, our breeders offer Lionhead, Flemish Giant and California rabbits. Many will even educate you in the care of your new exotic pet. If you believe pot belly pigs make adorable pets, then we have those lovable bundles available too! Lounging with your llama pet is possible: just check out which of our many exotic breeders are offering that. Do you relate to celebrities like Michael Jackson who have owned pet monkeys such as his beloved Bubbles? You can find them here as well.

Alpacas, Emus, Ferrets, Llamas, Red Deer, Sheep, Cattle, Horses - when it comes to exotic animals and exotic pets, we offer access to many you simply will not find anywhere else. Ostriches, bird aviaries, pot bellied pigs - we have it all! If you're in the market for an exotic pet or are a breeder who wants to promote your breed in a way that will get tremendous exposure, Pets4You is one of the most highly-trafficked - and trusted - pet sites online today! We know pets, including exotic breeds, and we know the people who love them and want them. Our job is to unite the best of both worlds.