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    AKC French bulldog breeder. All colors including blue, black and tan and blue and tan (tris) as well as standard colors. Please contact for availability. We have tri colored litters. French Bulldog Puppies For Sale in phoenix, az, AZ US

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    Breeder Name: Luis
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    Breeder Name: Luis

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    Puppies Available Now! We specialize in the blue French Bulldog to produce superb quality, healthy puppies. Family socialized with tender loving care. Our puppies are vet checked, current on vaccines and de-worming prior to going to forever homes. Shipping available. Stud service to select females. French Bulldog Puppies For Sale in Queen Creek, AZ US

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    Breeder Name: Dan & Leslie
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    Breeder Name: Dan & Leslie

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    AKC beautiful Black/Brindle Puppies with white markings available. Both parents are on site. Health guarantee. Contact us for more info or visit our website. French Bulldog Puppies For Sale in Temecula, CA US

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    Breeder Name: Liz Stephenson
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    Breeder Name: Liz Stephenson

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    COLOR & STANDARD FRENCH BULLDOGS. I breed for exotics colors, I do get standard colors but will all carry exotics colors. I breed for lilac, chocolate & blue, I also get these colors and tan. I also breed for the very extreme rare a/a in these colors. I have a few pups available most sold to pet homes very few to breeding homes. Puppies are vet checked and have all up to date shots and worming, all puppies come with a 1 year health guarantee. I have a few puppies ready now. French Bulldog Puppies For Sale in San Jacinto, CA US

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    Breeder Name: Donna Shannon
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    Breeder Name: Donna Shannon

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    AKC French Bulldog puppies available now. We have the finest frenchies from an excellent breeding program. Health guarantee. Exotics (blue, chocolate, blue tri, black tri, lilac. Credit cards, paypal, financing French Bulldog Puppies For Sale in Atlanta, GA US

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    Breeder Name: Emmanuel Wood
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    Breeder Name: Emmanuel Wood

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    Exceptional AKC Puppies Available. Well socialized, Microchipped, AKC puppy protection package which includes free first puppy checkup and 60 days of health insurance, life time support for you and puppy. French Bulldog Puppies For Sale in Alton, IA US

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    Breeder Name: Jaclyn Schelling
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    Breeder Name: Jaclyn Schelling

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    Puppies Available Now! Blue Castle Frenchies is known for breeding the more rare colors of the French Bulldog. We have supreme quality of chocolate and blue puppies. They are healthy and well socialized. French Bulldog Puppies For Sale in Justin, TX US

    Breeder Name: Elizabeth Fouts

[neoworks-cycle id="2395" width="350px"]The French Bulldog was bred to be a companion dog and is still used in this capacity today. The breed has been described as a "clown in the cloak of a philosopher" mainly due to its physical appearance. The dog’s ears are tremendously over-sized in proportion to the rest of the body, and its wide mouth gives the impression of a perpetual grin. The dog is prized for its affectionate nature and comical temperament. The breed has remained in relative obscurity, mostly owned by the upper class and not in the public eye until relatively recent times. Closely resembling a Boston Terrier, the breed is mistakenly placed in the Terrier class but it actually belongs to the Mastiff class; the same class as the English Bulldog and the Pit Bull.

In the United States, the breed has become very popular in the past decade. Featured in movies and sitcoms because of its comical nature, the breed captured the hearts of the American public and many people began acquiring these dogs. Like most dogs that were bred for companionship, the French Bulldog is very sociable and well-adjusted to other dogs, and they are very adaptable to large family situations.

Despite its name, the French Bulldog breed originated in England in the 19th Century. Lacemakers in Nottingham selectively bred English Bulldogs to "downsize" the breed in order to create a lapdog. When the Industrial Revolution displaced many lacemakers to France, the dogs caught on there and became known as French Bulldogs (, 2011). The breed was first officially recognized in 1902 when the French Bulldog Club was founded in England. Prior to this, the breed had languished in France and was not very popular outside of France and the United Kingdom.

The breed was a favorite of the European aristocracy and did not really gain popularity in the United States until the mid-20th century. This is primarily because the United States entered into a time of unprecedented economic growth following World War II and the emerging middle class began to become very competitive, creating the "keeping up with the Jones" mentality that still exists today. Part of this new mantra of the American middle class involved having something unique and something that was valued elsewhere as a status symbol; the French Bulldog filled the bill nicely in this department. It wasn’t long until the breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club and it was allowed into dog shows, a practice which was considered to be an idle pastime of the wealthy.

Details of the Breed
In order to be considered a true French Bulldog, the specimen must meet many exacting standards for height, coloration, and temperament. Its general appearance must be one of an active, intelligent, muscular dog of heavy bone and smooth coat. The expression must be alert, curious, and interested. All points must be well-distributed and in good relation to one another. Weight cannot exceed 28 pounds; if it does, this is an automatic disqualification for entering that particular specimen in a competition. The hind legs must be long and muscular, longer than the front legs and trailing back. The front legs must be short, stout, and muscular as well as spread apart.

Acceptable colors are brindle, fawn, white, brindle and white. Black is actually not allowed for entering the dog in a competition, although there are a number of black specimens, and indeed, this color seems to be popular among those who want a pet as opposed to a show dog. There are a number of traits which will disqualify a French Bulldog from competition, and these include being over 28 pounds, not having "bat" ears, any nose that is not 100% black, and colors that include solid black, mouse, liver, and black and tan.

Complications of the Breed
The breed is not without its physical complications. This is pretty much true of any human-designed breed of animal; in order to get desired traits, there often has to be a trade-off with some undesired traits. The French Bulldog can be prone to juvenile cataracts, von Willebrand’s Disease (similar to hemophilia in humans), upper respiratory infections, premature neck disk degeneration – and French Bulldogs also do not adapt well to hot weather. Owning a French Bulldog typically costs more in veterinarian bills due to their large number of health problems. French Bulldogs have a medium lifespan of between 10 and 12 years. Training French Bulldogs can be quite difficult because they are usually stubborn and have a short patience level.

Positive Aspects of the Breed
The French Bulldog does not bark much, and tolerates apartment living quite nicely. The dog doesn’t need much exercise, and for this reason makes an excellent pet for the elderly or the handicapped. The sturdiness of the breed also means that it can walk for long distances without tiring. This trait makes it attractive to people who like to take long walks but don’t want a large dog.

The French Bulldog makes an excellent companion pet, as it was intended to be. While there are strict standards regarding competition, the majority of owners enjoy the variations of the breed because regardless of the coloring or physical traits, the disposition of the breed remains constant. The breed has recently enjoyed a surge in popularity, particularly in the United States and the jet-set class in Europe. They have been popularized so much on media that most people who like lap or toy dogs want to add a French Bulldog to their collection.


Do French Bulldogs make good pets?

There is a simple answer here. French Bulldogs make very good pets! They are happy, funny, friendly, loving dogs that want to be around people. With just moderate energy levels they are well suited for families, couples and for older people.

Do French Bulldogs have health problems?

French Bulldogs are known to have some health problems. Because of their flat faces they are prone to (brachycephalic) issues. But that does not mean all Frenchies have poor health, far from it. If you choose from a good breeder you can minimize the chances of health issues.

Can French Bulldogs be left alone?

The Frenchie is very much a people loving breed, and does not do well being left alone for long periods, as they can suffer from separation anxiety. This is not an ideal breed to leave in the home while you work all day. 4 hours alone is about the limit a Frenchie should be left.

Group Classification: Non-Sporting

Recognized By: CKC, FCI, AKC, UKC

Country of Origin: 0

Date of Origin: 0

Hair Length: Short

Shedding: Lite Shed

Body Size: Medium

Weight Male: 22-28 pounds

Height Male: 19-22 inches

Weight Female: 22-28 pounds

Height Female: 19-22 inches

Litter Size: 3-5 puppies

Life Expectancy: 10-12 years








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Hot Weather:

Cold Weather:

Brindle, Brindle and White, Fawn and White, and any color except solid Black, Mouse, Liver, Black and Tan , Black and White, and White with Black ( without a trace of Brindling )

Living Area
French Bulldogs do best as an indoor dog. Frenchies tend to overheat easily, and do not fair well in cold weather.