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    VA1 CHACCO LITTER! Reserve your pure breed, champion pedigree puppy now. This litter has exceptional parents which produce phenomenal character, confirmation, and temperament. German Shepherd Dog Puppies For Sale in Miami, FL US

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    Breeder Name: Lino Calvo
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    Breeder Name: Lino Calvo

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    Black & Red Puppies and Titled Adults Bred to the Standard from Imported TOP VA and V West German Show Lines. Visit our Website for Current litters that are Available. German Shepherd Dog Puppies For Sale in Boca Raton, FL US

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    Breeder Name: Andrew Masia
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    Breeder Name: Andrew Masia

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  • Puppies available Fall/Winter 2015
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    World Siger Puppies will be born in Texas! 2010 VA Yerom vom haus Salihin and Famous Zamp vom Thermodos daughter Quiara haus Dexel SchH3 KKL1! Please see our website! German Shepherd Dog Puppies For Sale in Bridge City, TX US

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    Breeder Name: Aldmar German Shepherds
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    Breeder Name: Aldmar German Shepherds

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    Beautiful, healthy and happy puppies available from a top breeder of Champion dogs. Puppies raised underfoot, so you can be sure of excellent temperament. German Shepherd Dog Puppies For Sale in Rio, WV US

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    Breeder Name: Iza Ackerman
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    Breeder Name: Iza Ackerman

German Shepherd Puppies For SaleCourtesy of Redwood Run

First recognized as a breed in 1899, German Shepherd dogs were originally bred as a working dog, meant to herd and guard sheep. Today, the German Shepherd is highly prized as a guard dog and as a valuable asset to police and military installations around the world. It has a keen sense of smell, making it a very good drug-detecting or bomb-sniffing dog. It is extremely loyal to its owner, and will attack fearlessly upon command. It's often used, for example, to hold suspects by police or to be trained for scout duty by the military. Once on task with something, it is not easily distracted.

Also an excellent guard dog, and because of its keen intelligence, size, strength and protective nature, German Shepherds can be a wonderful addition to families, including those with small children, as long as they are properly trained. German Shepherd dogs are consistently one of the most popular breeds chosen as family pets today.

Why are German Shepherd puppies a good choice when you're selecting a pet for your family?

They're very intelligent
German Shepherd dogs were originally bred for their intelligence, and this continues to be one of their most notable and desired traits. These dogs are known as "quick studies" that can learn simple tasks after being shown what to do just a few times, and are very obedient to those they know and love. Because they can learn so quickly and don't distract easily once they're on task, they make very good service dogs for owners who need special help, and good guard dogs for families who want some extra protection.

They are loyal, eager to please, and want to have a defined purpose
German Shepherd dogs can be fierce indeed if protecting family or other loved ones, but a dog who has been properly trained is loyal and loving to those it knows and is not more aggressive than other dogs unless directed to be so. They want to learn and are eager to please and need something to "do." Again, because of that, they make excellent "service" dogs for the military and other establishments that need canine assistants. They also make excellent family pets, as long as they are raised with a firm hand and follow a training regimen with guidelines and positive, reward-based reinforcement of desired behaviors.

They are self-assured
This breed of dog is definitely "self-assured." Not shy or skittish, German Shepherds can possess a calm but vigilant demeanor when trained properly. They're not particularly friendly with strangers, and can become territorial and overprotective of loved ones if they haven't been socialized properly when young.

They are athletic and muscular, serving as very good family guard dogs Most German Shepherd dogs are large, weighing between about 50 to 90 pounds, with a height of between 22 and 26 inches at the withers. They have long, finely shaped "dome" foreheads, squared muzzles, and black noses that give them a distinctive appearance. However, perhaps what you notice most about German shepherds are the eyes. Those eyes are intelligent, quick, confident, and acutely focused on everything that's going on around them; one could say that "they don't miss a thing."

They can be very obedient to their owners Their large size, athletic build, muscularity, and fearlessness give them the capacity to attack if they must, but their intelligence also makes them very obedient as long as they are trained properly.

They're attractive to look at
The coat is thick and is actually a double coat, consisting of the outer coat that sheds all year round, over a dense, thick undercoat for warmth. These dogs can be a variety of colors, but most common are the "all-black" mask and black body markings, with the basic coat shade a tan color. The body markings are generally in a saddle or blanket pattern across the back and sides. (See the subsequent article for information on the White German Shepherd.) Another word that describes the German Shepherd is "powerful." Although a big dog, it is lean and muscular, with a wide chest and long ribs for a streamlined appearance. Its finely shaped head and long, strong jaw are also striking. The tail is wide and bushy, curving gracefully downward when at rest, and just as gracefully upward when excited or happy.

They tend to be hardy, healthy dogs with a relatively long lifespan German Shepherd dogs are very hardy, although they can suffer from certain breed-related problems. Perhaps most notable about the German Shepherd is that because this is such a stoic dog, health problems can go unnoticed for quite some time; owners are well advised to keep an eye on their pets and notice any small behavioral changes, such as a drop in appetite or a depressed mood, that could indicate illness before physical symptoms appear.

They live an average of 12 years with good care, which is quite long-lived among the larger breeds. Hip and elbow dysplasia is common with German Shepherds, which can cause these dogs significant pain. They're also prone to abdominal bloating and other digestive difficulties (as are most large dogs), and are more likely than some other breeds to suffer from something called von Willebrand disease, a bleeding disorder. They're prone to ear infections, and may also suffer from allergies or hypothyroidism. Regular veterinary care is an absolute must for German Shepherds, even though their stoic temperament and hardy nature may suggest otherwise.

There are some considerations that may make a German Shepherd a less-than-perfect choice for you or your family. These dogs need lots of attention and activity including plenty of exercise. You should not consider a German Shepherd if you intend to leave the dog alone frequently or won't be able to give it the activity it needs. German Shepherds crave attention, affection, and a purpose in life, and they don't behave well in situations where they'll simply sit alone for long periods of time. However, because of their intelligence, trainability, and loyalty, they do make good Seeing Eye and other service dogs, as long as the owner is always there to provide a firm hand and plenty of attention, direction and affection.

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Is a German Shepherd a good family dog?

The German Shepherd is a very good family dog. They are extremely affectionate, loyal and protective with their family, they are grand with kids, and playful too. Because they are a big dog, they can rough house a bit, so are better suited to a home with older children.

Is the German Shepherd dangerous?

Simply put, no, the German Shepherd should never be dangerous. Yes they are a very loyal guard dog, and they would protect your home if someone climbed over your fence. But no well trained GSD would ever attack anyone without reason, and are a very friendly and happy breed.

Can a German Shepherd live outside?

The German Shepherd is a social animal, so should not live outside 24 / 7. They are able to cope well with hot and cold temperatures, and would most likely be fine being outside all day, but at night a GSD would probably prefer to be amongst its family in the home.

How much is a German Shepherd puppy?

The price range for German Shepherd puppies is very wide. You can find puppies as low as $500 and they can go up to and above $7500 for a puppy from a champion bloodline. The price depends on the breeder, the pedigree and the colorings of the German Shepherd puppy.

Group Classification: Herding Group


Country of Origin: 0

Date of Origin: 0

Hair Length: Medium

Shedding: Heavy Shed

Body Size: Large, Extra Large

Weight Male: 77-85 pounds

Height Male: 24-26 inches

Weight Female: 77-85 pounds

Height Female: 22-24 inches

Litter Size: 7-8 puppies

Life Expectancy: 13-15 years.








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Cold Weather:

German Shepherd Dogs come in various colors, with strong dark colors preferred. All colors are permissible except white, though a small white patch on the chest is allowed. Black and tan is the most popular and most common color.

Living Area
Because they are fairly inactive indoors, German Shepherd Dogs are perfectly happy as indoor dogs, even in an apartment. These dogs are agile and can be in tight situations without appearing clumsy. However, these dogs need plenty of exercise, so if you live in a place where the dog does not have access to a yard, it's imperative that you provide a daily source of vigorous activity such as taking the dog for a long walk or allowing it to run.