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A Large, Rare Hybrid that Looks Like a Jaguar
with a Very Friendly Demeanor

Jag Cat Kittens For Sale

The Jag Cat is a rare new cat breed defined by the stunning look of a Jaguar combined with the desirable personality of a friendly dog. The Jag Cat is a rare new cat breed defined by the stunning look of a Jaguar combined with the desirable personality of a friendly dog. The Jag Cat was officially registered in 2005 by the Rare & Exotic Feline Registry. This is an organization established in 1984 which promotes the responsible development of new cat breeds and has over 9,500 registered cats from over 400 catteries. Further, it strives to ensure conformity to acceptable breed profiles and the advancement of healthy felines for the enjoyment of all. The highly intelligent and playful Jag Cat was developed from bobcat, Jungle Cat, and Asian Leopard Cat hybrids that were selectively cross-bred over generations to produce large — up to 28 pounds! – exotic-looking, spotted cats. With a heavy bone structure and strong features, the Jag Cat has been primarily bred for temperament to ensure an extremely sweet, easy-going nature. Excellent as personal companions, this cat is so human-oriented that many have been used as therapy pets for people with visual or hearing impairments, burn victims, children with autism, senior citizens, and military veterans with disabilities.

If you’re looking for a best buddy, you’ve come to the right cat breed!

The foundation cats for the Jag Cat breed were developed on an 80-acre wildlife resort in central California just outside Yosemite National Park and then relocated to Florida in 2003. The originator of this new breed, Nora Scholin, started her Mokave Cats cattery in December, 2000. Nora first bred Highland Lynx, Desert Lynx, and Bengals before deciding to create the Jag Cat, which was based on years of feedback from thousands of conversations with people across the country. When asked to describe their idea of the purr-fect cat, the response was almost always the same:

1) A smart cat that was larger than average;
2) more exotic-looking than a domestic kitty;
3) friendly enough to keep in the house as a family pet.

Jag Cats were specifically cultivated to meet these criteria. Nora used bobcat hybrids to get the large heads, thick necks, huge paws, and lynx-tipped ears; Asian Leopard Cat hybrids for their gorgeously rosetted, highly-contrasted coats; and Jungle Cat hybrids to give the Jag Cat extra height and length. An extra bonus was a benign mutation that occurred in 2007 called the “twisted tuft,” which is a slightly rotated lynx-tipped ear that gives a bit more of the “WOW!” factor to these felines.

Due to the unpredictability and potential aggression of most wild cat ancestors, Jag Cats were bred for innate temperament as a top priority. By breeding the friendliest hybrid to the friendliest hybrid, Nora was able to retain much of the size and wild features so often desired by cat lovers and yet keep these cats safe enough to place in homes with young children or other pets. Although the Mokave Jag Cat is a breed still in development, you can already see the blend of wild features in these felines, and many of them have grown up to be true giants at 28 pounds of serious muscle! Jag Cat males usually weigh more than females, but Jag Cat females can grow taller and longer than males. Even the smallest Jag Cat female is still usually as large or larger than the average domestic male tomcat. Jag Cats take four years to fully mature; most two-year-old Jag Cats are still on kitten food.

Mokave Jag Cats come in a variety of “golden” colors (gold-toned browns, yellows, or reds), ebony black, and even the more rare snow or steel-blue colors. Most have spotted tummies with large rosettes on their sides, but some have marbled or "clouded leopard" swirls.

Many people find it hard to believe just how smart and truly loving a Jag Cat is… until they live with one. Jag Cats are easily trained to harness and have been known to bring their leash to their Pet Parent when they want to go for a walk. They will greet you at the door, follow you around the house, come when you call them, and teach YOU how to play “fetch.” Some have even joined their human in the shower or gone for a dip in the pool. They are also quick to master any lock, latch, or doorknob and usually require that you “child-proof” your house by the time they are 12 to 18 months old. Their high-energy, playful antics are extremely entertaining and Pet Parents swear that their Jag Cat understands every word they say. Jag Cats are not destructive by nature and do not need to be declawed. They are very clean animals and most do not object to getting a bath every month or so to keep their naturally soft fur sweet-smelling and feeling like velvet.

The most attractive feature of a Jag Cat is its total devotion to its human companion or family; they exhibit the kind of loyalty usually found in dogs, not cats. Some Jag Cats even become protective of the human children in the family by placing themselves in front of the younger kids around any perceived “stranger." They often demand love by walking up the chest of their human and gently headbutting or chin-rubbing to get attention. Most love sleeping next to you on the bed. These unique animals are so endearing that most people who buy their first Jag Cat for its exotic looks will often buy a second one because they fell in love with its personality.

Note: Because so few Jag Cats are produced each year and the demand for them is so great, some unscrupulous breeders have tried to pass off their own cats as Jag Cats, but Nora Scholin is the only Jag Cat breeder in the world. If your kitten doesn’t come from her Mokave cattery, it is not a real Jag Cat.


What is a Jag Cat?

The Mokave Jag Cat is a relatively new cat breed, only registered since 2005. It has come about as a mix of several breeds, including the Jungle Cat, Asian Leopard Cat, and the Bobcat. It has been created with the aim to develop exotic features while keeping a nice temperament.

Do Jag Cats make good family cats?

The Jag Cat has proved to be a fantastic pet. They are very much gentle and easy going, and make excellent companions. This is a breed that likes to be petted, and to be around people. They have even shown to be grand therapy cats too.

How big do Jag cats grow?

The Jag Cat is a muscular, heavy breed, and they do grow to be very big. They can average anywhere up to 28lbs once fully grown, double the weight of the average domestic cat. They are much longer than the standard cat too, and look like miniature leopards!