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    The perfect rare, toy breed. 5 - 7 pounds. All colors. Non-shedding, healthy, fun loving companions. National & International Champions. Puppies available. Call for more information. Mi-ki Dog Puppies For Sale in Brookeville, MD US

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    Mi-Ki Puppies for Sale

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    Puppies For Sale!
    Darling Puppies Available! #1 Mi-Ki Registry in the United States with the largest base of breeders priding themselves on providing each family with an adorable homeraised DNA-Verified Purebred Mi-Ki Puppy. Mi-ki Dog Puppies For Sale in Peoria, AL US

Utterly Adorable in Both Looks and Behavior, the Mi-Ki is a Dog that’s Hard To Resist!

Mi-Ki Puppies For Sale

Nearly everyone loves small, adorable puppies that win your heart over with their sweet (and sometimes feisty) personalities. Those looking for a small-sized dog that's polite and friendly, yet alert, intelligent, and loves companionship, will melt for Mi-Ki puppies! While this breed is easygoing and gracious, it doesn't lack for confidence when other pets are around! If you haven't heard of this breed in the past, that's understandable. Mi-Ki dogs only first appeared in the United States during the 1980s.

The history of the Mi-Ki is quite cloudy, to be honest. Because it is a mixed dog breed which is intentionally bred from breeds of various ancestries, it is difficult to pin down any historical information as there is no specific description regarding exactly which breeds are involved. Also frequently referred to as a Toy Mi-Ki, many have made claims that the breed originates from a mix of the Papillon, Japanese Chin, and Maltese. Others claim the Mi-Ki has Tibetan Terrier, Poodle, and Shih Tzu in its genetic makeup. Because there is no concrete proof of what breeds define the Mi-Ki, it is not recognized by any major kennel club and is considered by many to be a "designer" dog of sorts.

Said to be the originator of the breed, Maureen "Micky" Macklin kept many of her notes regarding the Mi-Ki private, which is why the exact history remains such a mystery.

As you would expect with this or any other toy breed, the Mi-Ki is very small in stature, growing to a height of about 10 to 11 inches and weighing on average about 10 or 11 pounds. With dark, expressive eyes and wide nostrils on a nose which is flat at the top, the Mi-Ki has an adorable face that few can resist. A long coat is smooth in texture and flows gracefully, feathering at the ears, tail and legs, giving this dog an elegant appearance. Compact and solidly built, the Mi-Ki carries his or her head high, while the tail usually curves a bit over the back. In most cases, the eyes are dark-colored or may be blue, brown or ruby. Coat color varies due to multiple breeds in the Mi-Ki's heritage.

Whether you live on your own and are looking for a sweet-natured canine companion or have a house full of children, Mi-Ki puppies make ideal pets. Loving and calm, your pet will be friendly even toward strangers, but particularly affectionate with members of the family. Intelligent and alert, this is one toy breed that is not prone to excessive barking, but will raise a ruckus if threatened. Mi-Ki puppies are even-tempered and very easy to train, and get along well with other pets including cats.

The Mi-Ki also makes an ideal companion for those who are handicapped, and are good watch dogs. They have also been used frequently for therapy purposes and are quick to learn tricks.

Ideal Environment
Whether in an apartment setting or on a sprawling ranch, your pet will be happy as long as he or she has you and/or your family for companionship. Because of their small size, they do not need a lot of space to be happy and content. It is a good idea to take your dog on a daily walk if space is limited and you do not have a yard or other spacious area where he or she can run and be active.

Because of the mixed origins of Mi-Ki dogs, health issues that affect any of the breeds in the mix may affect the Mi-Ki. Some of the issues your pet may face include respiratory problems, mostly due to having a shorter muzzle than other breeds. Excessive hair between the toes tends to trap dirt, so you will want to keep the feet trimmed or shaved of long or excess hair. It's also a good idea to trim the hair on the face short in order to keep your pet clean and healthy. Many Mi-Ki's live well into the teen years.

If you intend to show your pet, the cut required is very distinct, with the ears, head and neck being shaved. The head will be shorn from the base of the throat to the base of the skull. Legs and feet are also shaven to the pastern. If you intend to purchase your Mi-Ki only as a pet, he or she will shed little if any at all, and requires brushing or combing only about once a week to remove loose hair. A wire comb is best for removing tangles and dead hair. Do not bathe your pet except when needed.

Group Classification: Toy/Companion

Recognized By: MCOA, IMR, MBUSA, CMA, Rarities Inc., APRI, DRA

Country of Origin:

Date of Origin:

Hair Length: Long, Short

Shedding: Little to No

Body Size: Toy

Weight Male: 7-10 pounds

Height Male: 8-10 inches

Weight Female: 7-10 pounds

Height Female: 8-10 inches

Litter Size: 1-3 puppies.

Life Expectancy: 12-16 years








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Mi-Kis come in a variety of colors.

Living Area
Excellent for apartment living, they can be trained to a litter box. They also enjoy going for walks outside.