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    Breeder Name: Ray & Gail
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    Breeder Name: Ray & Gail

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    Breeder Name: Betty Burden

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    Breeder Name: John Deloatch
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    Breeder Name: John Deloatch

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    Puppies For Sale!
    Puppies for sale! Dedicated to provide the loyalty,beauty ,love and dedication that is exemplified in the best rottweilers.Almost every offering is show quality and fully. guaranteed Rottweiler Puppies For Sale in Rocky Point, NY US

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    Breeder Name: Joe Calvario
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    Breeder Name: Joe Calvario

Rottweiler Puppies For Sale

Ancestors of the Rottweiler were used to guard cattle the Romans brought with them as they moved into Europe during the time of the Roman Empire. The Roman Legions traveled with herds of cattle they used for meat, and they needed the dogs to help them herd the animals. They established a town in southern Germany in 100 AD, which was given the name Rottwil. This dog's excellent skills in controlling, herding and guarding cattle was recognized by the German people there, encouraging them to breed the dogs with native molosser-type and herding specimens to develop these extremely strong traits.

By the Middle Ages, the area around Rottwil was an important cattle region, and the descendants of the Roman cattle dogs thrived. The dogs were even used as draft animals and pulled carts carrying beef to market. Donkeys eventually replaced the dogs as draft animals, and when trains became the chief method of transporting cattle to market at the end of the 19th century, the breed began to decline. By 1900, there was only one female Rottweiler left in the town. But with the recognition of Rottweilers' skills in police service, the breed began its resurgence, and in 1921, a Rottweiler Club was formed in Germany. The first Rottweiler in the U.S. probably came with a German immigrant in the late 1920s. It was first registered as a breed with the American Kennel Club in 1931.

Today, Rottweilers are members of the AKC's Working Group and are ranked as the tenth most popular dog breed among the AKC's almost 200 registered dog breeds!

Rottweilers are large dogs measuring an average of 26 inches at the shoulder, slightly longer than they are tall. They have a large frame with a deep, broad chest and heavy muscles. Their thick, short and smooth coats are usually black with clearly-defined rust or mahogany markings over their eyes, on the side of their muzzles and on their throats, chests, and lower legs. They have a docked tail. The dog has a broad, almost massive skull. There is an undercoat on the neck and thighs. These dogs are powerful and have a lot of stamina.

When bred well, the Rottweiler is confident, calm, cool  and courageous. It is devoted to its owners, but is reserved with strangers and in new situations. If the dog has not been socialized well or is the result of inferior breeding, these traits can be subverted and cause trouble in the long run. The dog's personality can range from affectionate to everyone to a very specific dedication to a single individual. They may be aggressive, but this trait tends to vary by individual dog. The innate protectiveness of a Rottweiler can present a challenge for families, since the dog may not be able to differentiate between acceptable behaviors from friends and perceived threats from strangers.

The Rottweiler needs a meaty, high-grade food. They require minimal brushing and bathing, since they lose their top and undercoats twice a year. The nails of the dog should be trimmed every two weeks. Rottweilers should not be left alone with unfamiliar people in the home due to their strong protective instincts. Rottweilers must be introduced slowly to new visitors.

Rottweilers need to be walked or run twice a day, at least for 20 minutes each time. It is an active dog and needs a large outdoor play area. If the dog gets bored and doesn’t have enough activity, it could become destructive. These dogs have a tendency to develop hip and elbow dysplasia and bone and cartilage problems. They can also suffer from eye problems or spinal disease.

They are also susceptible to bloating. Bloating results when gases, fluids, and/or food build up in the stomach and cannot be eliminated. It is extremely serious, as it can become fatal to the dog within an hour.  If you see signs of digestive distress in your dog, like vomiting and producing nothing, or feel a rock-hard stomach, rush your dog to the vet! Rottweilers are somewhat risky in terms of health and they have developed rather short life spans, with many becoming crippled from joint and bone diseases or dying of cancer or heart disease at relatively young ages.

Training must be done at an early age in order to establish your dominance as the “alpha dog” in the household. Your Rottweiler will become your canine soul mate, as long as it remains healthy.  It is a regal, noble, hard-working, intelligent, and devoted dog.

Group Classification: Rottweilers are a mastiff breed and belong to the AKC working group.


Country of Origin:

Date of Origin:

Hair Length: Short

Shedding: Moderate Shed

Body Size: Extra Large

Weight Male: 95-130 pounds

Height Male: 24-27 inches

Weight Female: 85-120 pounds

Height Female: 22-25 inches

Litter Size: 4-10 puppies

Life Expectancy: 10-12 years








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Hot Weather:

Cold Weather:

Black with tan/rust or mahogany markings.

Living Area
A house with a fenced yard or ample acreage is recommended, although apartment living would be acceptable for a Rottie for they are not too active indoors. Daily exercise is a must to ensure that the Rottweiler does not become bored and destructive, regardless of its living conditions.