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A Strikingly Beautiful Cat with a Shimmering Silver-Blue Coat

Russian Blue Kittens For Sale

Distinguished by its silver-blue coat and aristocratic look, the Russian Blue is a very intelligent breed of cat. While they are openly affectionate with their beloved owners, they can be reserved around strangers. A very playful cat, the Russian Blue can be fastidious about its hygiene but essentially is easy to care for.

The Russian Blue originated in the port of Arkhangelsk, Russia, which has led to the moniker of Archangel Blue. First brought to England and Northern Europe by sailors in the 1860s, the cat made its show debut in 1875 as the Archangel Cat at the Crystal Palace in England .

Developed mainly in Russia and Scandinavia prior to World War II, Russian Blues underwent more concentrated breeding in America after the war. The modern Russian Blue we see today has evolved from the bloodlines of the Scandinavian and English Russian Blues. Because the main trait of this cat is its distinctive coat, which is controlled by a recessive gene only present in this breed, mating two Russian Blues together will always produce Russian Blue kittens with the representative coat. Breeding with any other kind of cat will produce kittens without the Russian Blue coat.

Both Russian Whites and Russian Blacks have been created through cross-breeding, and by the late 1970s, the Russian White and Russian Black colors were accepted by cat fanciers in Australia as Russian cats (in different classes). However, only the authentic Russian Blue is accepted by the Cat Fanciers Association in North America.

The short, plush coat of the Russian Blue is blue-gray in color, and is known as a "double-coat." The undercoat is soft, downy, and equal in length to the dominant hairs of the overcoat, which is prevalently blue with silver tips that shimmer and dance in the light. The tail has subtly muted stripes while the eyes are almost always a dark, vivid green. Russia Blues are strikingly beautiful cats!

When Russian Blues are with their favorite humans, they are energetically playful and full of life. Never obnoxious, they enjoy equally retrieving a favorite toy or chasing a sunbeam. Able to entertain themselves for hours, they much prefer to have their owners join in the fun, but are content to just follow them around, unobtrusive but always there.

Very sensitive to human emotions, these highly perceptive cats are fond of children and enjoy having other pets in the household as well. Quiet and clean, they shed little, but love to be brushed. Their average life expectancy is around ten to fifteen years, and the breed is not prone to any particular health risks.

Russian Blues appreciate having a daily routine, and bristle at lifestyle changes more than the average cat. They want their dinner ON TIME, thank you very much, and their litter boxes to be impeccably clean. Polite, quiet, and well-mannered, they can be trained to stay off counters and other designated places with a simple "no" command. They also believe that politeness should go both ways, and do not appreciate being made to look silly. These are cats with great dignity who appreciate being treated accordingly!

Greatly dependent on camaraderie and rapport, Russian Blues need the comfort and companionship of their immediate family but also welcome the continual presence of other cats. For some people with cat allergies, Russian Blues have been shown to be less irritating than many other breeds of cat.