Smooth Fox Terrier Puppies For Sale

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Smooth Fox Terrier Puppies For Sale

Spencer is what attitude is all about. He's tough, confident and independent. Because of these admirable traits he's made it very difficult to stick to a schedule of obedience training. Spencer has a mind of his own and decides when he is in the mood to listen.

He's quite a character, none the less, and I'm sure he thinks of himself as king of the hill. At the very least he believes that he is king of the house and that we all play second fiddle to his 'Highness'. We've come to accept Spencer, or should I say, "Sir Spencer" for who he is. And the fact that we can't change him may say a lot about how deep his 'Royal Attitude' runs.

Now beyond that trait, Spencer is a breed of terrier that demands respect and admiration. When a larger and more aggressive dog could logically cause him to put his tail between his legs and run in the opposite direction, my little terrier stands his ground. When a human could easily force discipline upon such a small animal, his attitude makes you step back and wait until he's ready to learn.

With that said, understand that Spencer does like to learn. In fact, he is very quick to pick up new commands and he executes them in such a precise way that one might think he has made a habit of concentrated listening. Of course, we know better. Perhaps it's because he doesn't need to practice. He just needs to be in control and in the mood and he can be whatever he wants to be.

Friendly and outgoing, active and playful -- the Smooth Fox Terrier has been a family favorite for decades. This small dog has a big personality! Remember, this small terrier was originally bred as a vermin hunter; they are likely to consider gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs and other small pets prey.

Group Classification: Terrier, Terriers


Country of Origin:

Date of Origin:

Hair Length: Short

Shedding: Moderate Shed

Body Size: Toy, Small

Weight Male: 15-20 pounds

Height Male: 14-16 inches

Weight Female: 13-18 pounds

Height Female: 13-15 inches

Litter Size: 4-7 puppies with the average being 5 puppies

Life Expectancy: 15-17 years








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Cold Weather:

The predominant smooth fox terrier coat color is white, though there is a significant amount of variation in the accent colors that may be present. This includes black, brown, tan, brindle or

Living Area
Smooth Fox terriers are small enough to adapt to apartment life as long as they get regular walks and trips to the park. They are capable of getting a lot of exercise in the home since they are so ready to play. They are ideally suited to suburban yards that are well fenced.