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Sokoke Kittens For SaleCourtesy of Sunbright Sokoke's.
Photography by Helmi Flick.

The Sokoke Cat is a naturally occurring Breed, native to the Eastern Kenya Coastal area. Named after the Arabuko Sokoke Forest, the first recorded discovery was in 1978 by Jeni Slater, who found kittens in a tree stump on her palm plantation in Watamu. In 1984, Jeni sent two cats to Denmark with her friend Gloria Moeldrup, where they were exhibited at a show in Copenhagen. In 1987, Jeni bred her queens with a solid Black cat in Watamu. Gloria imported three more cats to Denmark in 1991, and in 1992 Bob Schwartz imported a cat to Italy. In 1993, the Sokoke was recognized by FiFe in Europe, and given full status to show for Champion points. In 1998-1999, first Sokokes imported to USA with litter produced. CCA in Canada accepted the Breed as Experimental and cats were imported from USA and Denmark. In 2002, eight cats were discovered near Jeni Slater's place and on outskirts of Arabuko Sokoke Forest Preserve in Kenya. These cats were found and kept penned by Jeannie Knocker of Watamu, and bred, producing what is called the "New Line". Two pair of these cats were sent to the USA, with more going to Norway, Denmark and Sweden where they were bred, combining the New Line with the Old Original Line. In 2003, TICA accepted the Sokoke for Registration, and advanced it to Preliminary New Breed status in 2007. Since then, it has dropped back to Registration Only status due to lack of numbers shown. Currently the Sokoke is recognized and registered by five WCC recognized Cat Registries.