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The American Tamaskan is a Friendly Dog with a
Relaxed Demeanor Who Thrives on Activity and Kind Attention

Tamaskan Puppies For Sale

The American Tamaskan is a unique blend of several breeds for the purpose of representing the ferocity of the wolf. A mix of a number of sled-dog pedigrees including the Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky, in addition to the German Shepherd, the first Tamaskan puppies were imported into America from Finland in 2005 at which time popularity increased dramatically, resulting in a rise in the number of registered American breeders. This has promoted recognition by the American AKC Foundation Stock Service (FSS) which is a required first step before full registration and acceptance, as well as other organizations.

Tamaskan dogs exhibit a keen intelligence and are regular participants in dogsled competitions when they live in suitable locations. Quite agile and prone to excel in working situations, their obedient nature, strength and stamina in combination with an acute sense of smell contributes to their value within search-and-rescue missions, as well as for therapeutic or human-assistance tasks. A friendly dog with a relaxed demeanor, this breed is well-suited for a family situation with children and other pets but thrives on activity and attention. If isolated or idle for long periods, the Tamaskan may resort to misbehavior, including escape or destruction. There has also been some evidence of dogs with a shy disposition who display a strong inclination to prey on vulnerable victims. While Tamaskans often reflect traits of their genetic heritage such as digging holes or pulling against a leash, with proper they can be taught to respond to human commands.

Tamaskan Pack
Every dog requires mental and physical stimulation including the Tamaskan. A loyal companion as well as eager worker, this dog demands the company of others for best performance. With an affectionate nature, this breed rarely exudes aggressiveness despite its wolf-like looks. In fact, Tamaskan dogs warm to anyone within reach making them ill-suited as guard dogs. And, similar to the arctic breeds from which it originated, it will howl in the moonlight – a most entertaining experience to observe, but not while you’re trying to get some sleep.

Tamaskan Authenticity
With only a few breeders registered in America, Tamaskans can be a costly investment whether purchased here or imported from other countries. It is urged that you investigate the reputation of the breeder you are considering to ensure complete success.

Group Classification:

Recognized By: TDR (The Tamaskan Dog Register), DRA, APRI

Country of Origin: Finland

Date of Origin: 1980's

Hair Length: Shrt, Medium


Body Size: Medium

Weight Male: 66-99 pounds

Height Male: 25-28 inches

Weight Female: 50-84 pounds

Height Female: 24-27 inches

Litter Size: 7-9 puppies

Life Expectancy: 14-15 years








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Hot Weather:

Cold Weather:

Wolf Grey through to Red/Grey with black overlay and characteristic wolf mask. Coat texture is straight and close. In winter the coat differs as an impressive undercoat forms all over the body including the inner part of the ears.

Living Area
Not recommended for Apartment life, if left alone for long periods may become destructive or attempt to escape.